Grading System

Final Grades are given at the end of the semester for each course. Grades assigned at the completion of a course are as follows:

Current Grading System

D-60-62%                  0.70
FFailure/Unsuccessful completion of the course. Student completed all course assignments and performed poorly to earn this grade.0.00
RCourse must be repeated; minimum level of proficiency not attained.
UUnsatisfactory (counts as Failure)0.00
WStudent withdrew from class between 4th and final week of classes; non Failure.
CRTransfer credit from another Institution or course taken on permit
NCNo credit granted. Restricted to credit bearing courses, freshmen and Nursing students, a maximum of 8 credits, or 2 classes only.
WAAdministrative Withdrawal (assigned by the Health Services Office for lack of immunization compliance)
WDDrop Withdrawal (student initiated drops during 2nd and 3rd week of classes)
WNNever Attended/Participated (assigned by the instructor for no attendance/participation during the first week of classes)
WUWithdrew Unofficially. Student stopped attending/participating in the course after attending/participating at least once during the term. Student did not complete all required course requirements. This is not an earned grade. Logging in to Blackboard alone or communicating with the instructor without any academic work submitted does not count as participation. Prior to Fall 2021, WU was a punitive grade (0.00 points-same as “F” grade).
AUDAudit.  Course not taken for credit or grade.
INCTerm’s work incomplete. Instructor has reasonable expectation that the student can receive a passing grade after completing the missing assignment(s) and agrees to work with the student to make up the missing work. Student must also agree with the faculty to make the missing work before the INC deadline which is published on BMCC Academic Calendar on the web.
The “INC” grade reverts to an “FIN” if a change is not made by deadline.
FIN“F” from Incomplete.0.00
PENGrade Pending disciplinary action

Discontinued Grading System/Symbols

=Course does not count in the GPA or credits completed
*WNNever Attended (effective Fall 2009-Winter 2013)
ABSAbsent from final
FABFailed due to Absent0.00
FPNFailed due to Pending0.00
REPCourse already taken and successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better
TRTransfer credit from another Institution or course taken on permit
WFWithdrew Failing0.00
WNNever Attended (counts in GPA computation; same as Failure; effective Fall 2008-Summer 2009)0.00
WPWithdrew Passing
XNon-Punitive Failure
ZNo grade submitted by the instructor

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