No Smoking Policy

Following the enactment of the New York City Clean Air Act, a Smoking Policy was adopted in 1988 for units of The City University of New York including Borough of Manhattan Community College. The Clean Air Act was adopted in response to findings of the Surgeon General of the United States that passive exposure to cigarette smoke (second-hand or passive smoke) is linked to a variety of negative consequences. For overall health and safety concerns, and following the classification by the U.S. EPA of second-hand smoke as a Class A carcinogen, with input from faculty, staff, and students, the College became a SMOKE-FREE campus in April 1993.

Smoking is not permitted on the premises of Borough of Manhattan Community College at 199 Chambers Street, 245 Greenwich St. (Fiterman Hall) or 70 Murray Street. The administrator designated to review issues/complaints related to the College’s NO SMOKING policy is the Vice President for Legal Affairs and Faculty and Staff Relations, Robert Diaz, Room N710.

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