How to Succeed Online

Strategies for Success in Your E-Learning Courses

Online learning is equal, but different from in-person learning. To succeed online, you must stay on top of your coursework, checking in constantly, and have an overall growth mindset.

Time Management

Online students need structure, and a study calendar is a great way to create it. Check your syllabus before your course kicks off, and commit to due dates on your calendar. Designate study times for each class, and stick to them. Set aside a specific block of time every day, maybe after the kids’ bedtime, or before you go to work.

Sticking to you plan will help you juggle work, family, and multiple online courses without falling behind. If you can’t set aside a whole block of time, then think about periods of the day when you can take at least 15 minutes for uninterrupted study time.

Growth Mindset

There is scientific evidence that a growth mindset can greatly increase a student’s ability of doing well in college.¬†Watch this video to learn more about growth mindset:

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