Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Strategic Plan of BMCC’s E-Learning Center reflects its mission to foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in fully online, online, hybrid, and in-person courses and programs; to enhance student engagement and retention in e-learning courses; to encourage scholarship of innovative teaching and learning practices to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners; and to facilitate college-wide engagement in order to provide greater student access to educational opportunities and student support services.


The vision of the E-Learning Center at BMCC is to facilitate an institution-wide commitment to academic excellence and retention for all fully online, online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses. Further, we wish to grow our E-Learning Community of Practice (COP) at BMCC to promote strategic priorities related to e-learning, including the recruitment of departmental faculty and liaisons and the development of initiatives involving faculty, students, and staff who are open to innovative teaching and learning using academic technology.

Strategic Priorities

In order to foster academic excellence, increase access to educational opportunities for students, and improve student services. To make this effort possible, the following goals are targeted at increasing e-learning course offerings to meet the needs of current and prospective BMCC students:

GOAL 1: Enhance student support and engagement from the point of first contact, throughout students’ e-learning course experiences

GOAL 2: Facilitate and promote a Faculty E-Learning Community of Practice (COP) at BMCC

GOAL 3: Provide increased access to educational opportunities through online and hybrid course and program offerings (and through the development and use of open educational resources)

E-Learning Center

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