Online Degrees

Online degrees are a flexible option that allows you to earn a degree or certificate entirely online. We offer two programs (with more to come) that you can complete from home, your office, or anywhere there is an internet connection. Get all of the benefits of being a BMCC student plus classes that fit your schedule without the commute.

Degrees and Certificates Offered


As an online degree student, you have the option of completing all or just some of your courses online. You can always change your mind and take classes on campus. You will have access to ALL campus and student services and all online courses transfer in the same way as face-to-face courses.

NOTE: Online degrees still require some visits to campus, usually for final exams, especially in science and math courses.

How to Apply

You apply the same way you would for any other BMCC course or program. Visit the Office of Admissions to Apply Now.

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