Course Schedule

For BMCC or CUNY Students

If you are a BMCC or CUNY student and want to find or enroll in e-learning courses, navigate to the BMCC home page, select the “Log In” drop down arrow on top right of screen, then select CUNYfirst. Find Student Center in the CUNYfirst menu and then search for classes.

For Non-BMCC or Non-CUNY Students

If you are not yet a BMCC or CUNY student, but want to see which courses we have available, go to the CUNYfirst Global Search, select Institution: Borough of Manhattan CC; the Term; and then Next. Now, select any criteria from the drop down menus that apply to you, including the mode of Instruction (Fully Online, Online, or Hybrid) and click SEARCH.

E-Learning Center

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