How to Enroll in Online Courses

Find the Online Course or Degree That Is Right for You

With over 1,000 course sections per year, there are many e-learning options for students. Whether you want hybrid, online, or fully online, BMCC offers you a wide variety to suit your educational and personal needs and job skills. There are also several degree programs that are almost completely online, with more coming!

Find Online Courses

Types of Courses


There are two types of Online courses:

  • Online Synchronous = Online with live meetings
    If there are meeting times listed, then it is synchronous/live and you should be prepared to participate in these classes just like you did before COVID, except online via Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Online Asynchronous = Online with no live meetings
    If classes have the date and time listed as “TBA,” then it is an asynchronous class and you will not meet live. Instead, you will complete the assignments online on your own time to meet the deadlines presented by your instructor.

Hybrid = Mix of on-campus meetings and online work

Hybrid courses have a blend of on-campus meetings and work online. Meeting times will be specified in the course listing, and for these you are expected to join the class on campus. Other course activities outside of those times will be carried out online.


In-Person classes are intended to be taken in a physical classroom setting during scheduled class meeting times. (online technology may enhance but not replace in-person instruction). An In-Person class where material is provided online, via a learning management system or website, does not displace any of the required contact hours that would normally occur in a scheduled In-Person class.