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What Is It Like to Take a Course Online?

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BMCC Students Really Like Learning Online

When online students were asked what they thought of their online learning experience, 75% felt satisfied or very satisfied with their experience and 87% plan to take another online course in the future.

Watch as students talk about their online learning experiences here at BMCC:

Online Courses Are Not Easier Than In-person Courses

Online courses are just as demanding as face-to-face classes. Each online and hybrid course is equivalent to the face-to-face version of the course and carries the same number of credits, covers the same subject matter, and is taught by a member of the BMCC faculty.

To do well in online courses, you must be:

  • Comfortable using computers and basic software programs
  • Willing to devote considerable time to class readings
  • Capable of expressing your ideas in writing
  • Able to follow instructions for assignments
  • Disciplined in keeping up with the reading and coursework
  • Prepared to submit timely assignments

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