Digital Innovation

E-Learning offers professional development, consulting, and training to faculty, students, and staff in support of their digital teaching and learning innovation efforts. We cultivate transformational programs and services, as well as support innovation around in-person, online, and hybrid programs.

  • Consulting in Pedagogy: Consulting, professional development, and training on curriculum design and digital pedagogy.
  • Consulting in Technology: Consulting, training, and collaboration centered on using technology to support student success.
  • Online Learning and Degree Programs: Support the development of strategic online initiatives for academic departments, faculty, and staff.
  • Digital Education Incubator: Consulting and collaborative services to spearhead innovative digital learning pilots.
  • Data Analytics: Data analytics to drive decision making in course and program offerings, user experience, and design.
  • Multimedia: Support and training using multimedia in your online or in-person classroom.

Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

E-Learning supports digital literacy and 21st-century digital skills. To be effective in the 21st century, students must be able to create, evaluate, and effectively utilize information, media, and technology.

The responsible habits and behavior students employ across the digital communities represents their digital citizenship. Some examples are communicating with respect across digital platforms and adding helpful information or context to a group project or wiki.

Digital Education Center

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