Accounting Cycle Videos


Video 1 – Overview of the Accounting Cycle (4:50 minutes)

Explains the steps in the Accounting Cycle

Video 2 -Analyzing Business Transactions (14:20 minutes)

a) The Accounting Equation

-Definition and examples of assets, liabilities, and equity

b) Impact of increases/decreases on the Accounting Equation

-Determine Increase or decrease in the accounts

-Illustration of transaction analysis

Video 3 – Recording Transactions in the General Journal (11:33 minutes)

a)  Overview of Recording Process

-Debit/Credit Rule

-Format of the General Journal

-Format of a journal entry

b)  Illustration of journal entries, Transaction 1 to 10

Video 4 – Posting to General Ledger (14:28 minutes)

a) Organization of the General Ledger

-Chart of Accounts

-Format of the General Ledger

b)  Posting to General Ledger

-Illustration of the posting process, transaction 1 -10.

Video 5 – Preparing the Trial Balance (7:09 minutes)

a) Purpose, format, and preparation of Trial Balance.

b) Correction of Trial Balance errors.

Video 6 – Preparing Adjusting Entries (16:05 minutes)

a) Types of Adjusting Entries

b) Illustration of Adjusting Entries

c) Adjusting entries,1- 6 – Minelli Pastries

Video 7 – Preparing the Adjusted Trial Balance (7:51 minutes)

a) Purpose and use of the Adjusted Trial Balance

b) Posting of Adjusting entries, 1 – 6 to General Ledger

c) Preparation of Adjusted Trial Balance

Video 8 – Preparing Financial Statements – Income Statement (4:28 minutes)

a) Steps to prepare Income Statement

b) Illustrated Income Statement – Minelli Landscape Design

Video 9 – Preparing Financial Statements – Statement of Owner’s Equity (3:57 minutes)

a) Steps to prepare Statement of Owner’s Equity

b) Illustrated Statement of Owner’s Equity – Minelli Landscape Design

Video 10 – Preparing Financial Statements – Balance Sheet  (4:30 minutes)

a) Steps to prepare Balance Sheet

b) Illustrated Balance Sheet – Minelli Landscape Design

Video 11 – Preparing Financial Statements – Statement of Cash Flows (Indirect Method)

(16:35 minutes)

a) Purpose of Statement of Cash Flows

b) Classification of Cash Flows

c) Steps to prepare Statement of Cash Flows

d) Illustrated Statement of Cash Flows – Minelli Landscape Design

Video 12 – Preparing closing entries (6:27 minutes)

a) Overview of closing entries

b) Required closing entries

c) Illustrated closing entries – Minelli Landscape Design

Video 13 – Preparing Post-closing Trial Balance (8:34 minutes)

a) Posting of closing entries to General Ledger – Minelli landscape Design

b) Illustrated Post-closing Trial Balance – Minelli landscape Design

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