Pre-Law Advisement

If you are considering attending law school, now is the time to start planning. At BMCC, we offer resources for you so you can find the best path to reach your career aspirations!

The process of applying to law school is challenging, but we aim to make the process easier! At BMCC, there is a dedicated Pre-Law Advisor who can provide you with pertinent and timely information, a Pre-Law email newsletter to keep you up-to-date on important events and deadlines, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers in a social environment.

BMCC students interested in law are encouraged to major in a subject they are passionate about, no matter what it is, because a high GPA is required to get into law school. For electives, students are recommended to take courses that emphasize reading, writing, public speaking, and critical thinking; these skills will provide the best preparation for a future career as an attorney.

For more information or to set up a one-on-one appointment, please contact
Rick Naughton
at or (212) 776-6899
Giselle Toby at or (212) 776-6909.

Academic Advisement and Transfer Center