Nontraditional Careers

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What is a Nontraditional Career?

A nontraditional career is defined as one where more than 75% of the workforce is of one gender. For example, nursing and elementary education have been traditionally populated by women and the engineering and technology fields were dominated by men.

Reasons to Choose a Nontraditional Career

Financial Success

Higher salaries are often part of the motivation to choose a nontraditional career. This is especially true for women, as many fields, such as engineering and technological jobs (generally held by men) boast a lucrative paycheck.  Nursing is an excellent choice for men looking for financial growth and stability.

Broader Job/Advancement Opportunities

Nontraditional careers tend to have straightforward paths for advancement, and are often unionized. These factors facilitate professional growth opportunities, leading to greater responsibilities and higher salaries.

Job Satisfaction

Selecting a career based on personal strengths and genuine interest will lead to greater job satisfaction.  Be mindful of not limiting your possibilities due to existing gender stereotypes.

Opportunity to Learn

A new career presents an excellent chance to expand your knowledge base, and a nontraditional career is often a great way to broaden your horizons.  Gaining hands-on training and expertise in a desirable field will make you a more valuable employee.  Nontraditional occupations require some of the most specialized and in-demand skill sets. In today’s economy, you can never be too marketable.

Paving the Way for Others

Some individuals enjoy pioneering and contributing to a diversification that will benefit generations to come. By choosing a nontraditional career, you will be setting a positive example and providing inspiration and perhaps mentorship for others.


With the vast array of available careers, you owe it to yourself to consider all of your options.  What will make you happy?  Don’t limit your choices while searching for your dream career!

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