Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have accumulated a minimum of a 2.7 GPA to be considered for the program. Morehouse will not accept grades below a C for transfer credits.

No, this agreement supersedes the standard requirements for transfer. Students transferring from BMCC will still need to meet all catalog requirements for their degree program, complete the final 60 credits of the Bachelor’s degree at Morehouse, take a First Year Experience Course, and obtain Crown Forum credits (attendance at Crown Forum events) to graduate.

Yes, Morehouse is a college for men.

Admission is guaranteed to Morehouse’s traditional and online programs for students who meet the criteria and have earned a minimum GPA of 2.7 as well as their Associate’s degree. Students who have a GPA around 2.7 may proceed with the application process, but their admission is not guaranteed.

Staff within the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center will work with students seeking to transfer through the BMCC/Morehouse Partnership.

Morehouse offers a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and a certificate in Activism in Sports and Culture.

You can contact BMCC’s Academic Advisement and Transfer Center for general transfer and application information, and for more specific information about this agreement.

This transfer agreement provides students with the opportunity to transfer into all of Morehouse’s Bachelor’s of Arts and Bachelor’s of Science degree programs. BMCC’s Academic Advisement and Transfer Center will work with you to submit official transcripts and Morehouse will run a transfer credit evaluation to assist with program selection.

The general cost of attendance for Morehouse is $49,700 per year while the online BA in Business Administration costs $600 per credit hour with a $385 program fee and other fees for around $20,000 per year for full-time attendance.

Financial aid and scholarships are both available. In addition, Morehouse’s Office of Financial Aid offers payment installment plans, sponsored billing, military benefits, AmeriCorps vouchers, the student freedom initiative for junior and senior STEM majors, and Federal Work-Study opportunities.

82% of Morehouse men receive financial aid.

The application deadline for admission into programming offered on Morehouse’s campus is November 1. The online program has a rolling admissions calendar with early priority, and final deadline dates to enter either a fall or spring cohort.

Morehouse is the #1 producer of Black men who go on to earn doctorates.