The BMCC/Morehouse College Partnership

Morehouse Campus

The BMCC/Morehouse College Partnership assists male BMCC students who plan to transfer to Morehouse College, one of the country’s top HBCUs. Through the Partnership, students will receive guaranteed admission and Morehouse College will facilitate the transfer of BMCC students who have completed an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT).


  • Morehouse College prefers that transfer students obtain an Associate’s degree, or approximately 60 credit hours prior to transfer, combined with a cumulative grade point average of a 2.7 or better. All applicants not meeting these standards will be referred to BMCC’s office of academic advising for additional coursework or a pathway towards academic success whenever possible. Both institutions will work together to mutually support the needs of their students, and the needs of their respective partner institutions.
  • Students transferring with an Associate’s degree will receive credit for all coursework for which a grade of “C” or better has been earned in their degree program and shall enter Morehouse College with junior status. This is applicable for the Bachelor of Arts and/or the Bachelor of Science degree program. Students will still need to meet the curricular requirements of a First Year Experience course and Crown Forum credits to ensure their graduation from Morehouse College.
  • All transfer students must submit official transcripts to Morehouse College in order to receive their Transfer Credit Evaluation. The Transfer Credit Evaluation will outline credit transfer and provide information on remaining requirements for degree completion.
  • Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 hours in residence with Morehouse College to satisfy academic requirements. (The final 60 credit hours must be completed at Morehouse College.)
  • Transfer students must meet all catalog requirements for their degree program.

BMCC and Morehouse College will work together to ensure that transferable credits from BMCC will meet the equivalency requirements necessary to complete their Morehouse College bachelor’s degree in the subscribed amount of time.