Academic Probation and Financial Aid SAP Appeal

What is academic probation?

Academic probation occurs when a student’s GPA fall below the College’s minimum retention standards. For example, if a student attempted 0-12 credits, the minimum GPA earned at the end of that semester must be 1.50. Anything lower will result in the student being placed on academic probation.

Cumulative Credits Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
0-12 1.50
13-24 1.75
25+ 2.00

What happens once a student is placed on academic probation?

Students on probation have one semester (fall/spring) to get back in good academic standing or they will face dismissal from the College.

While on academic probation, students are limited to taking a maximum of 14 credits/hours during the fall/spring semester.

While academic probation is very serious and needs to be immediately addressed, students shouldn’t feel alone in getting back into good standing. The College offers many resources to help students succeed, like tutoring, academic coaching, academic advisement and counseling!

How does a student get off of academic probation?

There are many strategies that students can use to get back into good academic standing. Oftentimes students are advised to retake courses previously failed. However, as each student’s situation may be different, we strongly encourage students to meet with their/an academic advisor to develop a personalized plan to get into good academic standing. Using our GPA calculator, students and advisors can determine minimum grades needed and create an academic plan that takes into consideration their work/ home schedule and other factors (i.e CUNY’s 16 credit repeat policy).

We advise students to identify the barriers that may have caused them to be placed on academic probation and then if necessary utilize the additional resources listed above of tutoring, academic coaching and counseling.

Students should regularly check-in with their professor to inquire about their progress in the course and see if the professor has any suggestions on improving.

What happens if students do not get off of academic probation?

Students unable to get off of probation will face dismissal from the College and cannot reenroll for the next regular (fall and spring) term until they are reinstated. If dismissed, students are required to file an Academic (CAS) Appeal for reinstatement with the Counseling Center.

Students with granted appeals are reinstated to the College under special probation. Students on special probation are limited to no more than 14 credits/hours and have one semester to regain good academic standing.

What does continued probation mean?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students on academic probation in spring and fall 2020 were not dismissed regardless of their academic standing. Instead, they were placed on continued probation. Students on continued probation are limited to no more than 14 credits/hours and are expected to regain good academic standing.

Visit BMCC’s academic probation policies page for more information.

Advisor Recommendations to regain good academic standing

  • Meet with your/an academic advisor as soon as possible and regularly.
  • Create a realistic academic plan and course schedule.
  • Check in with your professors regularly to inquire on your progress in their class.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Financial Aid SAP Appeal

What is the financial aid SAP appeal?

This appeal is required if a student’s financial aid has been suspended because they are not meeting satisfactory academic progress (SAP). SAP is not met when:

  • The college’s minimum retention standard are not met based on their cumulative GPA and have been placed on academic or special probation.
  • They have exceeded the maximum credit hour limit (i.e. they have attempted more than 150% of the credits normally required for their degree).
  • Their cumulative rate of completion is below the required pace of progression standard.

Do students need to meet with an academic advisor to complete the form?

Yes. An academic advisor is able to assist students in completing section 4 of the Financial Aid SAP appeal form by creating an academic plan on their DegreeWorks account.

Is there a deadline to submit the appeal?

Yes. For summer 2021, the deadline to submit an appeal was July 1, 2021. For this fall 2021 semester, the deadline is November 1, 2021.

Where is the Financial Aid SAP form located?

The Financial Aid SAP form can be found on the Appeals page in Financial Aid.

Do students need to meet with anyone else for help with this form?

Yes. Once students have filled out sections 1 to 3 and an academic advisor has filled out section 4, the next step is write a personal statement detailing the circumstances which affected their academic performance. Students must then meet with a Counselor from the BMCC Counseling Center for assistance with section 6 of the appeal form.

Does this form differ from the financial aid application?

Yes. To complete and submit a financial aid application, students are able to reach out directly to the BMCC Financial Aid Office at Additional information is also available via the Financial Aid webpage.