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Campus Closing Notifications

In the event of an emergency due to weather or another condition with serious health and safety implications, the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) may be closed. The College will review each situation as early as possible and communicate this decision or general conditions, using the following Emergency Notifications Process:

1. BMCC Public Address System

Initial communications regarding campus-based emergencies will be made through the BMCC Public Address System and public safety staff. To ensure your safety during an emergency--particularly during building evacuations--listen carefully to these emergency announcements.

2. BMCC and CUNY Web Sites

The College's response plan will be posted on the BMCC homepage as well as the CUNY Web Site.

3. BMCC Telephone Outgoing Message System

An outgoing alert message will be placed on the school's automatic answering system, which can be accessed by dialing 212-220-8000.

4. CUNY Alert System

Email, text or voice alerts of emergencies or weather-related closings at BMCC will be sent through CUNY Alert. Click here to register for this service before an emergency exists. You can also designate a member of your household to receive a CUNY Alert message.

5. TV and Radio Announcements

BMCC emergency closings will be announced by the following media outlets:

CUNY closing notifications can also be obtained by calling New York City's 311 information line or going to