REI Subcommittees

The REI Steering Committee consists of five (5) subcommittees, led by a Convener/Chair. Each subcommittee will identify strategies for recommendation and implementation to cultivate a more diverse, equitable and inclusive teaching and learning college community and more directly put, address systematic, systemic, structured inequities. Informed by and building on the critical work of the Equity and Inclusion Task Force, this Steering Committee has been charged with developing recommendations to strengthen institutional practices, processes and policies and aiding the college in the implementation and monitoring of these recommendations.

Subcommittee 1: Curating Resources/Synthesize and Summarize Data


  1. Synthesizing and summarizing existing and needed BMCC quantitative and qualitative data as a basis for action
  2. Curating available equity, inclusion and racial justice resources to ensure information is readily available, easily accessible, action-oriented and user-friendly
  3. Supporting institutional efforts within divisions and departments aimed at increasing available information and research regarding equity, inclusion and racial justice

Members: Sara Crosby (Convener)Judith Anderson, Shenique Davis, Aaliyah Guillory-Nickens, Christopher Lopez, Mohamed Sofaini

Subcommittee 2: Strengthen Curriculum and Pedagogy

Charge: Strengthening BMCC curriculum and pedagogy in Black, race and ethnic studies by acknowledging that systemic racism exists, and ensuring the curriculum is culturally competent and representative of our student body.

Members: Ashtian Holmes (Convener), Rhea Frankie, Shawn Grant, Ashtian Holmes, Laurie Lomask, Patricia Mathews, Rebecca Ritchey

Subcommittee 3: Design Opportunities/Provide a Safe Space for College-wide Discussion

Charges: Work with the College Administration to –

  1. Develop vehicles for sharing information regarding antiracism, equity, inclusion, and racial justice
  2. Design and implement methods/practices for allowing students, faculty and staff to freely and safely discuss ways in which the college can dismantle structural racism and create a safe, inclusive, antiracist, and equitable community, and
  3. Create a process for which community members can hold each other accountable for upholding our commitment to: dismantling structural racism and to creating a safe, inclusive, antiracist and equitable community.

Members: Kanu Nagra (Convener), Katerina Lewis Archer, Angel Lopez, Lesley Rennis, Andrew Stout, Tammie Velasquez

Subcommittee 4: Inventory and Assess BMCC Programs

Charge: Inventorying and assessing current BMCC programs designed to advance equity, inclusion and racial justice, in order to develop a coordinated and cohesive college-wide strategy across departments and divisions

Members: Anthony Bishop (Convener), Lashallah Burgess, Jorge Florez, Jonathan Matamoros, Valerie Ray

Subcommittee 5: Review Institutional Practices

Charge: Reviewing current institutional policies, formal and informal practices and procedures, including decision making, that negatively impact equity, inclusion and racial justice work for BMCC community members, and providing recommendations to address and correct disparities.

Members: Jean Amaral, Alfonso Bravo, Jennifer Delfino, Odelia Levy, Neda Hajizadeh, Grace Harris, Jen Longley, Michelle Ronda, Eva Santiesteban, Karen Wilson-Stevenson

Subcommittee 6: Male Scholars of Color

Charge: Our male students of color face significant challenges, especially our Black and Hispanic males. The focus of this committee is to explore, discuss, and offer recommendations on what faculty, staff, students and administrators can do to increase performance, retention, and graduation of our male scholars.

Members: Lavinia Antonio, Anthony Bishop, Katty Cherubin, Jennifer Delfino, Jorge Florez, Daniel Gil, Ashtian Holmes, Patricia Mathews, Pedro Pérez, Lesley Rennis, Jordan Sutton, Karen Wilson-Stevenson