Racial Injustice

BMCC is committed to advancing equity, strengthening our culture of care, and advancing socioeconomic mobility and justice through education. The college offers resources and activities to engage the college community in thoughtful discussions to find solutions as we follow our mission to offer quality education to all students and provide a welcoming place to work for all faculty and staff.

Black Lives Matter Resources

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a social and political movement protesting against all racially motivated violence against black people, including police brutality. #BlackLivesMatter began in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer.

Countering Anti-Asian Violence

The roots of anti-Asian sentiment in the U.S. can be traced as far back as the concept of “yellow peril” and the Chinese Exclusion Act that treated Asian immigrants as threats to national security in the 1880s. But they surfaced on a large-scale level last year, after reports traced the origins of the coronavirus back to China. This section provides a list of organizations and resources that offer information for victims of anti-Asian violence and to counter violence against Asians.

Racial Trauma Resources

Racial trauma is the term used to describe the emotional and physical reaction People of Color often have to acts of racism. People of Color may react to acts of racism with fear and hypervigilance, headaches, insomnia, body aches, memory difficulty, self-blame, confusion, shame, and guilt after experiencing racism. The more often you experience acts of racism, the more profound these symptoms can be.

Anti-Racism Resources

Knowledge is power. It is not enough to be an ally and fight alongside your peers of color. Acknowledging that countering racism cannot be a neutral stance but has to rather be an active process of anti-racism, will help you be part of effective change.

Social Justice Resources

Social justice is the process of ensuring that all people have the same privileges and personal liberties as well as the possibility of social mobility. Social justice aims to provide safety nets for vulnerable members of society and effect economic justice where disparities exist.