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Keynote Speakers

Marc Bousquet

Marc Bousquet teaches digital media, narrative television, capitalism and communication, and media genre. His work has been anthologized or reprinted many times, including most recently in the Norton Anthology of Criticism and Theory, Keywords for American Cultural Studies, and the Bloomsbury Guide to Literary and Cultural Theory. His book on academic administrative media, culture and communication is among the most widely cited and positively reviewed books on higher education in the past decade. He has been interviewed by journalists dozens of times and been invited to present his ongoing research at numerous top research universities in the US, Canada and Europe, such as Duke, Yale, McGill, NYU, the U of Chicago and the like. His work has been the subject of journal special issues, conference panels, workshops and symposia in many disciplines, ranging from anthropology to religion, business and organization, and of course English, media, and communication.  He is completing his next book for Johns Hopkins University Press, called Monetizing the Student: The University in Platform Capitalism, an exploration of the ethics of how universities harvest value from student time--in the classroom, in internships, extracurriculars, even their identities and social media, as well as student achievements before enrolling in college and after graduating. He has been invited to present or scale up his digital pedagogy many times, including at the NSF Ideas Lab.

Tactical Media and English Studies

Tactical media production offers students and faculty a channel for shaping public discourse. Ranging from memes, maps, infographics, websites, polls, and viral quizzes to live streaming pop-up performances, student production of media with a public purpose radically changes their orientation to reading and composing. Unleashing creativity and political power, platform-circulated amateur artifacts have much in common with the pamphlets, badges, uniforms, posters, poems, songs and other literature of earlier radical moments.

Videos and Publications

Profile interview

Williams, Jeffrey J. Higher Exploitation: An Interview with Marc Bousquet. Minnesota Review 71-72 (Winter-Spring 2009): 101-122

Book Chapter

Students are Already Workers, from How the University Works



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*Bousquet, Marc. We Are All Roman Porn Stars Now. Academe: Bulletin of the AAUP, Nov/Dec 2012. Lightly revised blog post reprinted on request.

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