BMCC's support for learning is superior. Whether you need academic or career planning advice, or even tutoring, we've got people who can help you.

  • Our knowledgeable advisors will help you choose the right path based on your goals.
  • We offer academic support for practically every subject we teach. All programs are free of charge and easily accessed by day, evening/weekend, and distance students alike.
  • With the help from our Internships and Experiential Learning or Center for Career Development you can apply your classroom theory to practical work situations in business, industry, government, or service areas. You put into practice what you learn, and you often earn a salary along with credit toward your degree.
  • The BMCC Early Childhood Center and its Family Daycare Network offer child-care to students who need someone to watch their children while they are in class.
  • The Office of Accessibility provides aid such as note takers, readers, interpreters, tape recorders, calculators, spell checkers, and testing accommodations to any student with identified medical or physical limitations.

Whatever you need, BMCC faculty and staff work hard to support you in achieving your dreams. To get an up-close and in-person look at what BMCC has to offer attend our next open house.