Taking a WI class is a SMART CHOICE!

“In the beginning I was frustrated and said to the professor, ‘I‘m spending too much time writing.’ He said, ‘Just keep doing it. You’re going to be happy in the end.’ He was right. It really pays off. I’m going to take another Writing Intensive class because in the end I learned so much more.”
– Student in a Writing Intensive Math class


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WI Difference

How is a section marked “WI” different from other sections of the same course?

WI classes will not differ in content; that is, you will cover the same material that students in non-WI classes cover. The main difference is the added emphasis on writing to help you process the material and a smaller class size setting. “WI” will appear on your transcript alongside the course number and title. This designation may prove useful when you transfer credits, especially to a college that has a Writing Intensive course requirement.

Why is a WI course a “SMART CHOICE”? Don’t WI courses require more work, especially if I don’t like writing?

WI courses are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. In other words, while you will write more in this class, the writing will help you to master the material and pass the class. In a WI course, instructors will assign a variety of written exercises that give you an opportunity to improve your grade by helping you understand the material and demonstrating what you’ve learned.

Most professors begin the process with informal writing exercises that are not graded. They are designed to help you think about the course material. Often these exercises are conducted in class and are the basis for your discussions.

These short write-to-learn exercises will then lead to longer papers, which you’ll have the opportunity to revise after receiving feedback from the instructor. Because your graded formal papers often use ideas that you’ve already developed in the more informal assignments, it is not as difficult to write that formal paper.

You’ll have support both for your writing and for your revising. Most importantly, your professors will encourage you to attend their office hours to discuss your written work. There are also two additional sources of support to help you with revisions: some WI sections are assigned a Writing Fellow who will hold office hours to help you work on your papers, and for all BMCC students the staff at the Writing Center is available to help you with your work.