Taking a WI class is a SMART CHOICE!

“I must say this is the first class I have done so much writing in. I think it has actually improved my writing skills. One advantage of this course is that I really learned to manage my time. Also, this course has helped me think more creatively.”

—Student in a Writing Intensive Business class


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Benefits of WI

WI courses help you to:

WI courses use the writing process to help students master course material and improve their writing skills—skills that are crucial to help you reach your goals in the job market and at four-year colleges. WI classes are smaller and are taught by professors who’ve trained specially to help you achieve success.

What is so great about Writing Intensive courses?

In fact, WI courses cover the same material as non-WI classes, but with an added emphasis on writing to help you process the material. When you complete the course, a “WI” is recorded on your transcript.