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Working with Faculty

How the Writing Center Can Assist BMCC Faculty

Working with BMCC faculty to help our students become better writers and thinkers

Staffed by writing professionals, the Writing Center works one on one with students of all levels at any point in the writing process, and we are available on both an appointment and a drop-in basis. The Writing Center is a service dedicated to providing a supportive, encouraging atmosphere for all students to work through their writing issues, across all levels of expertise, across all disciplines. The Writing Center wants to encourage your students to take advantage of a resource designed to help them become more capable and confident writers.

We are also a resource for you, the instructor. As writing professionals, we are committed to building a library of writing resources with special emphasis on helping students make the transition to college writing, grammar and documentation, as well as writing across the curriculum. Furthermore, we maintain files on our student writers so that you may, if you wish, see what problems your students have worked on with our tutors. We invite you to visit us in S-500W and talk to one of our tutors, or to schedule a meeting with Jason Schneiderman, the Director of the Writing Center.

The BMCC Writing Center would like to work with you, the BMCC faculty, to aid you in incorporating writing skills and strategies into your classes, to help you create writing assignments that will provide your students with clear pedagogical aims while avoiding plagiarism, and to serve as a liaison between you and the Writing Center. Through collaboration, we will help you determine how to create writing assignments, incorporate student writing in your classroom, and implement strategies for researched writing that will help your students learn your course material as they improve their critical thinking and analytic writing skills.

Finally we can also provide the following services:

  • providing brief in-class presentations on writing-related topics such as understanding assignments, undertaking the writing process, planning research papers, recognizing and coping with grammar issues, and integrating sources
  • working with your students in collaborative tutorials to improve their essay assignments or test-taking strategies
  • scheduling visits from a Writing Associate to familiarize your students with our services (download the Writing Center Visit Request Form, or call X-1384)
  • offering a student referral complete with contact with your student's tutor (download the Writing Center Referral Form, or call X-1384)

For further information, please contact Franklin Winslow, Writing Center Director, at (212) 220-1384 or at

BMCC Writing Center

Front Desk (General Information)
(212) 220-1384

Franklin Winslow, Director
(212) 220-8000 x5167

Mailing Address
BMCC Writing Center
Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
199 Chambers Street, Room S510
New York, NY 10007

Hours of Operation Spring ​2018
(January 29 – May 24)

10:00am – 8:00pm
10:00am – 5:00pm
10:00am – 5:00pm