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Working with Students

Welcome to the Writing Center!

Choosing to work with a Writing Assistant is one of the best actions you can take to improve not only your writing skills, but also your skills in reading, thinking and analyzing. Working with you in one-on-one tutoring sessions, the Writing Center is here to help you with every step of your writing process, and the earlier you visit us in this process, the more help we can give you. Come early, come often, and you'll quickly gain technical skills, analytic abilities, and self confidence.

We will help you with the following writing tasks:

  • Understanding assignments — tactics for decoding the secret language of professors
  • Starting the process — strategies for winning the battle with the blank page
  • Creating an argument— ways to make your writing focused and sharp
  • Making revisions— methods for rewriting effectively, efficiently and easily
  • Grasping grammar and syntax— approaches for getting grammar for good

We absolutely will not help you with these tasks:

  • Proofreading— we will teach you to proofread but won't do it for you
  • Editing again— we'll work with you, not for you

When you come to the Writing Center, be ready to work. We expect you understand that you are responsible for your own writing and will do the following:

  • Bring your assignment, necessary reading materials, and any writing drafts
  • Keep your attention on your writing
  • Take notes as you work with your Writing Assistant
  • Ask questions if you're not clear about something
  • Allow yourself the time you need for the project you're writing
  • Schedule visits that work with your timeline
  • Remember to call or stop by to cancel appointments

After you go home, keep these points in mind:

  • Writing takes a lot more time than you think, be patient
  • The notes you made during your Writing Center session are relevant, use them
  • The handouts your Writing Assistant gave you are helpful, read them
  • Your Writing Assistant gave you strategies for your writing, employ them
  • If you have time, you can always visit us again— drop in or make an appointment

Just a couple of more notes to bear in mind:

  • You can schedule up to two hours a week, or walk-in one hour per day
  • To make— or break— an appointment, call us at 212.220.1384
  • Or just stop by S500W to see if a Writing Assistant is available
  • We penalize students who miss more than three appointments without notice
  • You can visit an e-tutor online at
  • You can also follow us on Twitter at

The BMCC Writing Center: Start here. Write anything.

Funding for this Learning Assistance Program is provided by Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006(Perkins IV) administered by the New York State Education Department

BMCC Writing Center

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Franklin Winslow, Director
(212) 220-8000 x5167

Mailing Address
BMCC Writing Center
Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
199 Chambers Street, Room S510
New York, NY 10007

Hours of Operation Spring ​2018
(January 29 – May 24)

10:00am – 8:00pm
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