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Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee ("Tech Fee") was created as a way to enhance technology available to students on CUNY campuses. Fees are collected from students to fund projects that have a "demonstrable affect" on the student body. Each campus has an advisory committee that consists of student, faculty and administrative staff representatives that recommends project approval. The Guidelines provided by CUNY state that:

  • Plans should be based on projected enrollments for Academic Year 2018/19 and reflect college priorities and strategic directions.
  • Tech Fee initiatives are intended to directly benefit students.
  • The planning process should include campus leadership, faculty, students and elected student representatives.
  • Each Tech Fee committee should have substantial student representation and at least one member of the elected student leadership.
  • Plans should include investments in electronic media resources, publications, faculty development and the advancement of assistive technologies.
  • Plans must be easily accessible via campus websites.