BMCC is proud to be one of the nine campuses at CUNY that make up the Teacher Academy, an exciting and innovative program designed to prepare a new generation of exceptional middle and high school mathematics and science teachers.

Teacher Academy CUNY:
Touch the Future and Teach

The Teacher Academy’s aim is to take students with an interest in mathematics and science who want to make a difference and provide a carefully designed program to produce accomplished mathematicians and scientists who, through the guidance of outstanding CUNY faculty and regular participation in New York City classrooms, are masters of the art of teaching.


BMCC’s Teacher Academy program allows students to complete their first two years of study at BMCC majoring in biology, chemistry or mathematics. Teacher Academy students then transfer to The City College of New York (CCNY) as juniors to complete their final two years of study-- ultimately graduating and completing the certification requirements for a full-time teaching position in New York City.

Why become a NYC mathematics or science teacher?

A chronic shortage of qualified mathematics and science teachers has created national competition for such educators. The competition has forced NYC to strengthen its recruitment efforts. The city needs hundreds of mathematics and science teachers “simply to fill routine vacancies created by retirements, sabbaticals, leaves of absence and attrition.” To attract new teachers and keep others from leaving, NYC has several special recruitment and certification programs, and offers competitive salaries and other benefits that include housing subsidies.
(NY Times 4/19/06)

Average NYC Teacher Salaries*
Degree 1st Year 10 Years 20 Years
Bachelors $45,530 $67,095 $83,412
Masters $54,372 $75,937 $92,254
Masters + 30 credits $57,320 $78,885 $95,202
*Salaries based on the current contract

Why become a Teacher Academy student at BMCC?

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