Eligibility Requirements

Both Scholarship and Non-Scholarship Candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

1. The student must be matriculated at an accredited college or university and enrolled at the time of application.

2. The student must have completed 12 college credits and have met the prerequisites for the desired study abroad program to be taken by the application deadline

3. Study abroad participants must have an overall GPA of 2.50 or better by the application deadline.

4. Statement of Purpose: Study Abroad Goals and Expectations: The student must submit a one-page, single-spaced, typed statement of purpose as a part of the application. The statement of purpose in 500 words or less should explain how your participation in this particular study abroad program will advance your personal, educational, and/or career goals.

5. The student must be interviewed by their respective study abroad coordinator in the academic department administering the Study Abroad Course to be taken.

6. The student must submit:

  1. Three letters of reference,
  2. A statement of purpose,
  3. A recent statement of medical health as a part of the application.

7. All documents and the completed application must be submitted by the application deadline of March 1, 2013.

8. If a student is accepted to a BMCC sponsored study abroad program, the non-scholarship candidate must pay 100% of the total program cost in addition to 100% of all BMCC tuition and fees for the course.  A scholarship candidate must be a currently enrolled BMCC student, and pay 40% of the total program cost in addition to 100% of all BMCC tuition and fees for the study abroad course.  BMCC program applicants who are accepted in a study abroad program must pay their 40% share of program costs by April 5, 2013.  Failure to make the necessary payment may result in the student being dropped from the program.

9. BMCC students may only apply for one study abroad program at BMCC in a given semester, and receive a BMCC Association Study Abroad scholarship only once.

10. Program participants must familiarize themselves and comply with all BMCC college policies, including, for example, the BMCC student code of conduct. 

11. Well before a program’s date of departure (it may take up to two months), students must obtain valid passports and visa, if required, from the nearest U.S. based consulate or embassy of the country to be visited.  The visa application must be done in a timely manner.  All program participants need to consult with their respective program coordinators on all issues dealing with passport applications and/or required visa(s).

12. All student applicants are required to consult with their respective program coordinators regarding their share of program costs and deadlines.  As for program refund policies, in  case of personal and/or medical reasons, students will be required to submit proper documentation to their study abroad program coordinator to determine whether or not a possible partial/full refund is in order and in accordance to BMCC policy.

13. Students must travel as a group. No student or Program Coordinator may travel before or after the entire group travels to and from its destination.

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