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The Black Experience in Africa AFN 253

This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the cultures of selected African nations through travel, structured reading and lectures conducted on the campuses of African colleges and universities. Requirements include a term paper.

This course and PRN 475 are part of the Center's Study Abroad Program.

The Black Experience in Africa is part of the Center for Ethnic Studies study abroad program. This course is offered in one African nation or group of geographically related African countries. This course fulfills 3 credits of social science or elective requirement and is transferable.

The length of stay for the study abroad program to Africa is one month. BMCC students that are accepted in the study abroad program will be entitled to a scholarship that pays for 60% of the program from the BMCC Association (students pay 40% of the cost of the program.) In addition, all CUNY students can apply for a grant that provides from $500 to $1500 for expenses.

Please note the 60% scholarship only applies to BMCC students.

For information on how to apply, please contact the Center for Ethnic Studies.

Hispanic Heritage SPN 476

BMCC's Study Abroad in Spain program has been designed for students with a minimum proficiency of at least two semesters of elementary Spanish. The program is based at the University of Oviedo, Asturias. Oviedo, the capital of the principality of Asturias, is a region of ocean and mountains and the centre of an original and unique architectural expression, inheritor of Visigoth, Roman and Nordic traditions. Students will take language, literature, civilization, and culture classes taught by professors from BMCC and from the University of Oviedo. Excursions to historical and cultural places that will enhance the content of the course are part of the experience abroad.

This is a study abroad course in which students will enhance their language skills and knowledge of a foreign culture through class meetings, seminars, and on-site visits to places of historic and cultural importance. They will be immersed in the language of the country and attend language and literature courses. Prerequisite: SPN 102 or departmental approval.

SSC 150 - Field Experience in Italy

The Field Experience in Italy (SSC 150) is a summer study experience offered by the Department of Social Science at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. The course which offers Social Science Field Experience in Italy is taught in English, and is designed to introduce students to the geography, history and politics of Italy. Social and economic issues of modern-day Italy are explored, with emphasis on Italy's role in the European Economic Community; its role within Nato and its relationship with the United States.

The Field Experience in Italy course fulfills 3 credits of a Social Science or Liberal Arts elective requirement and is transferable. Besides 45 hours of class instruction, there will be guest lecturers from the University of Pisa and cultural excursions. In addition to the Field Experience course, student participants will be required to take an Italian language course (level to be determined via a brief oral/written exam) offered by the faculty of the Linguistics Department at the University of Pisa. For the language course, students will received either a Diploma or Certificate of Attendance. There is the possibility that students can have the Italian language course evaluated for an additional 3 credits either in Modern Language or as an elective at a senior college within CUNY or other college / university.

The duration of the study abroad program in Italy is generally from the end of July through the end of August. The approximate cost of the SSC 200 program is $2,3501 and $339.85 for the tuition/fees for 3 credits course. All BMCC students who are accepted in the study program will be considered for a BMCC Association partial scholarship that pays 60% of the program cost excluding the course tuition/fees.2 In addition, BMCC students and CUNY applicants to the Italy program can apply for a STOCS (Study Travel Opportunities for Students) grant which provides from $500 to $1,000 for program related expenses.

Applications for the SSC 200 Study Abroad Program in Italy, scholarship information, eligibility requirements and other program related information will be provided to interested students by Professor Michael Giammarella, Room S329. Prof . Giammarella can be reached at (212) 346-8138 or by email at

All BMCC students who meet program requirements are encouraged to apply early since the application deadline in March.

  1. These fees my vary slightly due to changes in the exchange rate between the European Euro and the U.S. dollars.
  2. Scholarship eligibility will be determined after the Study Abroad Program proposal has been reviewed by the BMCC Study Abroad Committee subsequently by the BMCC Student Association for actual funding. BMCC Association scholarships are awarded to BMCC students only. The number of scholarships is limited. Other CUNY students can be considered only for the STOCS grant. Course tuition/fees for non-CUNY students may be higher.

Latin American Heritage LAT 475

This course is an introduction to the culture of a country in Latin American in the Spanish Speaking Caribbean or to the cultures of a group of culturally related countries in the same area. It includes regular classes or seminars, completion of a reading list, lectures by guest professors, daylong excursions, and meetings with artists, students, political leaders and intellectual figures of the country or countries visited. The student will be graded on partial exams, oral reports and a final examination or research paper.

The course is an academic and cultural experience that includes forty-five hours of class, several daylong excursions, visiting lecturers, and fieldwork.

The Summer 2004 program will be offered in the Dominican Republic, from July 19 –August 12, 2004. Two introductory lectures will be offered at BMCC on July 14 and 15. The group will leave for the Dominican Republic on July 19, 2004 and will return on August 12, 2004. The approximate total cost per student for the study abroad program to Dominican Republic is $1,903.75 plus tuition $417.00 = $2,320.75

All BMCC students who meet program requirements are encouraged to apply early since the application deadline in March.

For information on how to apply, please contact the Center for Ethnic Studies.

New York/Paris Exchange Program

The New York/Paris Exchange Program offers CUNY students of all disciplines the opportunity to study (one semester to a full academic year) at one of the universities of Paris while earning credits toward their CUNY degree.

Applicants should be in good academic standing and have three semesters of college French or the equivalent proficiency.

For further information or applications, contact:

Prof. Michael Giammarella,
Counseling and Advisement Services.

Prof. Giammarella is campus coordinator of the program at BMCC and can be reached at (212) 220-8151.

TTA 100 Tour Management

Tour Management will introduce the students to the international aspects of tour planning and implementation. They will learn how to develop international travel programs including tour design, development and budgets, guiding, escorting, tour management and organization, ecotourism and adventure tourism. Students will travel to a country with travel and tourism professionals from the private and public sectors of this country. They will experience the cultural diversity of other countries and understand how they relate to tour management. This is a study abroad course.

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