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Student Spotlight

Name: Cletia Smith

Major: Animation and Motions Graphics

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2019

What do you like best about college?
I love meeting new people and making new friends from all ages and backgrounds.

What are your plans after college?
Since I’m interested in 3D animation I want to produce my own content. I have a YouTube channel called Clezone99 with a playlist of animations called The Clezzy Series based off my name. It’s a comedy series about school, things that get on your nerves and things I like to eat and do. Here’s the link! In the long run I want to produce my own animation - one idea for a show I have is HitWorld. It would be about a couple students from a prestigious high school who come together to make a band.

What do you wish you could have known before coming to college?
My first semester I signed up for an 8am class but due to my health issues that wasn’t the schedule that would work for me. I realized that I had to take into consideration my situation and what would work for me because if you miss a lot you’ll be lost! I also wish I had known what materials I needed for my major (like a computer for my animation)

What are some of the activities you engage in outside of school and/or work?
I love to crochet and knit hats, scarves, stuffed animal bears and I take care of my great-grandmother.

What are some of your short-term goals over the next five years?
I really want to finish my education at BMCC and finish it well - to improve my animation and fine arts skills. Before I finish college I want to get an internship in animation or graphic design. Afterward I hope to freelance and work for an organization too.

In what ways has S4S helped you explore college and/or career opportunities that you would not have had otherwise, had you not been involved with the S4S program?
Strive for Success helped me by setting me up with a peer mentor who really encourages me to come to classes, to learn different things, and who keeps me on track.

What advice would you give to a high school student about how to succeed in college and/or the college application process
Make a friend in each class! They’ll help you keep on track, help you catch up when you miss or are behind, and it makes the class warmer. Having a buddy makes it feel familiar, like, “I met someone here and I belong!” And if you’re shy you have break out of your shyness!

Strive for Success

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