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Psychology (PSY)

This course stresses adaptive human behavior in relation to the environment. Topics considered include: origins and methods of psychology, neuropsychological bases of behavior, maturation, motivation, emotion, learning frustration, and conflict.
Human behavior, as shaped by the processes of social interaction, is studied in this course. Data, around which the fundamental topics are presented, are drawn from experimental and case studies dealing with the events of the social environment: socialization, communication and persuasion, attitudes and beliefs, group behavior, and leadership. Prerequisite: PSY 100
This course examines the psychological structure of the individual. It considers the theoretical foundations and empirical approaches to the study of personality. The focus of the course is the normal adult in relation to constitutional factors, childhood experiences, and behavioral changes which occur during adulthood.
Prerequisite: PSY 100
This course explores cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes across the lifespan. Attention is given to how biological sociocultural factors shape the individual.
Prerequisite: PSY 100 or SOC 100 except for students in any health services program
This course involves the interpersonal and institutional socialization of women in contemporary American society and the effect of these processes on individual personality through an examination of existing roles and exploration of alternatives. Prerequisite: PSY 100, SOC 100, or SSC 100
This course explores biological, cognitive, and emotional growth from conception through adolescence. Attention is paid to the interplay of individual and sociocultural factors that influence the course of psychological development.
Prerequisite: PSY 100
This course discusses the causes, diagnoses, treatment and prevention of various types of maladjustment and mental disorders. The relation of neuroses and functional psychoses to current conceptions of normal personality functioning is discussed.
Prerequisites: PSY 100 and permission of the instructor
The course presents Black experiences through a psychological lens. Leaning on the work of leading Black psychologists and other theorists, this course examines critical issues related to race, ethnicity, education, Black families and other social factors embedded in both contemporary and historical contexts.
Prerequisite: PSY 100

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