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The Social Science Department aims to broaden and deepen understanding of the complex social, economic and political issues which face modern society. To achieve these aims, students are trained in the rational analysis of pertinent phases of human experiences.

Courses Offered

Liberal Arts Requirement

The Social Science Department requires Liberal Arts students to fulfill their requirement for twelve (12) credits in the Social Sciences with courses from at least four (4) different Social Science disciplines. This includes all courses taken in the Center for Ethnic Studies which fall within the Social Science area.

Note: Students must successfully complete ESL 062 or ENG 088 and RDG 062 before enrolling in Social Science courses. In addition, MAT 010 or MAT 011 are prerequisites for ECO 100; MAT 051 or MAT 012 for ECO 201; and MAT 056 for ECO 202.

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