Asure Software Scholarship Program

Who Is Eligible:

To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited university or college located anywhere in the world. Relatives or friends of Asure Software employees are not eligible to enter.


How to enter

Any student who fits the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for the Asure Software scholarship. To enter students must submit a 500-1000 word essay on the following topic:

The topic is creating a productive and successful workplace.  As the People Success Company we are interested in insight from students preparing for the workforce. You can take several different angles on this essay. Choose one or more of the following topics:

  1. What do you feel employers are looking for in an employee? Explain what you think employers expect from their employee’s and discuss gaps in expectations.
  2. What kind of environment do companies offer today and what do Millennials look for in choosing an employer? Explain from a company resource perspective.
  3. What tools and/or environment would you expect a company to offer to attract you to their company. Explain what kind of environment you are you looking to work in and how you feel that is productive for both you and the company.
  4. What are the top decision-making criteria for you when deciding who to work for? Explain what benefits would make the most difference in your decision and whether office logistic design, workstation flexibility, technology Apps/tools make a difference. If so explain in what way.

To submit, email your essay as an attachment in PDF or Word format, including your full name, a personal bio, school you will be attending, your major, graduation date and contact information to


Deadline: 06/01/2018 Based on Last Year's Deadline.
Amount: $2500
How to apply:

For more information, please visit: