APPLE Corps -Academic Preparation Program for Law Enforcement program

Who Is Eligible:

APPLE Corps (Academic Preparation Program for Law Enforcement), a partnership between John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, and the New York Police Department, provides students with academic, professional, and financial support during their first two years of undergraduate study.

Coordinated by John Jay College, APPLE Corps will select 100 students each year as they begin degree programs at the six CUNY Justice Academy community colleges or at John Jay College. As part of the APPLE Corps program, each student will participate in summer academic and internship experiences led by distinguished faculty and administrators, in support of student's aspiration to achieve careers in law enforcement or public service. To support academic progress and degree completion, students will receive a generous stipend, in excess of $15,000 distributed during two years of the program, as long as they remain fully enrolled in APPLE Corps and in good academic standing.


•Receive admission for the fall 2016 term as a first-time, first year student at John Jay College or a CUNY Justice Academy partner campus
•Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, legally eligible to work in the United States
•Be a resident of New York City
•Enroll at John Jay College or CUNY Justice Academy partner campus as a full-time student and for the duration of their program of study
•Prepare to complete all requirements for APPLE Corps, as well as their associate or bachelor degree program requirement
•Submit the FASFA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) and TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) applications in order to receive financial aid

Deadline: 02/01/2018
Amount: Up to $16,000
How to apply:

You can find information on APPLE Corps on John Jay College’s scholarship page here:

More information can be found here: If you have questions regarding APPLE Corps, please feel free to contact Jennifer Hernandez-Khan, Program Coordinator, at

Deadline for Fall 2017 students - TBA. Please check the webpage for updates.