David Law Group"s Law & Justice Scholarship Program

Who Is Eligible:

Davis Law Group, P.S. is proud to announce the Law & Justice Scholarship Contest, which will award a $750 scholarship to an aspiring student in the Law & Justice field.



As soon as you apply, you should receive an email announcing the official topic for the Essay Contest portion of the scholarship program. The essay requirements are also listed below.

The essays will be worth a total of 50 points. Our staff will judge each essay independently, and those scores will count toward the nominee. Nominees will have until May 15, 2017 to submit their final essays.


All qualifying essays approved by our staff will be posted on our website. 

Essay Requirements

Respond to one of the following questions in a persuasive essay format with a clear introduction, argument, and conclusion.



Essays should be a minimum of 700 words and should be sent as a Word document. Sources may be cited in MLA or Chicago format. Students who fail to properly cite sources, plagarize, or fail to produce a grammatically correct essay will be automatically disqualified from this contest. Points will be awards for categories including citing reputable sources, presenting an interesting and impactful idea, making a strong argument, and concluding with an actionable solution to the problem the student has highlighted in the essay. Additional points will be awarded to students who perform strongly in the Community Engagement portion of this contest.

Stage 2: Community Engagement 

After a nominee is approved, their essay will be posted on our website on May 16, 2017. The student will have until June 14, 2017 to participate in the Community Engagement & Support portion of the contest. This portion of the contest will be worth a total of 50 points. The nominee must use social media to spread the word in their community about their essay. Members of the community will vote on the essay they believe should win. Voting will be performed by filling out the form at the bottom of each essay page. Emails directly to us do not count as votes; voters must use the form to vote.

All nominees will have from the moment their official nominee page is published on the Davis Law Group website until June 14, 2017 to collect as many votes as possible. Attempting to game this portion of the contest by creating multiple fake social media accounts may result in disqualification.


Winners will be contacted via email, then announced on the website shortly after the contest has concluded.

Deadline: 05/15/2018 Based on last year's deadline.
Amount: $750
How to apply:

All applicant entries will be reviewed by our staff before being officially approved. Applicants will be notified via email if their application has officially been accepted. We will stop accepting new applications for the contest after 11:59 p.m. on May 15, 2018.

The winners will be selected based on two criteria: (1) An Essay Contest, and (2) Community Engagement. Nominees must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 to be considered for the contest.


For more information, please visit: https://www.injurytriallawyer.com/reports/davis-law-groups-law-and-justice-scholarship-program.cfm