Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders

Who Is Eligible:

Applicant must submit each of the items listed below by
the deadline. An application will not be
considered until all items have been received. 

• Cover  Page: Applicant  must  give  their  full  legal  name,  home  address,
  phone  number,  social  security number, student I.D., or ITIN number, college contact person and title, college name, address, phone and fax  number,  classification,  major,  ancestry,  and  tuition  balance  for  the  year  (tuition grants,  loans, scholarships = balance). 

•Background  Information: Applicant  must  submit  a  250-500  word  (one  page  minimum)  self-description including:  his/her  family  history  (parents,  siblings),  life  and/or  work  experiences  that  have  influenced  the applicant, and pertinent extracurricular and community involvement activities. 

•Leadership Essay: Applicant must submit a 500-750 word essay (2-3 pages)
on the future of Hispanics in America,  the  kind  of  leadership  needed,  and  any  role  the  applicant  hopes  to  play  in  providing  such leadership. 

•Transcript: Applicant  must  submit  a  high  school  or  college  transcriptverifying  their  eligibility  status  and GPA. 

•Letters of Reference: Applicant must submit three (3) letters of reference fro
m persons who have known them, e.g. high school teacher or counselor, employer,
pastor/priest, professor, academic advisor, coach, etc. 

•Resume: Applicants    must    submit    a    one-page    resume    of    their    work    experience,academic accomplishments and other relevant activities. 

• Picture: Applicant  must  submit  a  recent  photograph  (high-reso
lution,  color,  size:  2.5”x3.5”).  The  picture
should  be  suitable  (head  shot) for  use  in any printed  li
terature announcing the  recipients.  Photos  will  be
returned upon request. 

Deadline: Based on Last Year's Deadline
Amount: $500-$1,000
How to apply:

Check the website for more information: