2017 - From Failure to Promise Scholarship Essay Contest

Who Is Eligible:

1) Are you currently a H.S. senior or college student (undergraduate or graduate) who will be attending a college or university in the United States, Canada, or Mexico during the 2017-2018 academic year?

2) Do you have at least a 2.5 cumlative GPA? (Upload most recent transcript, when prompted to do so.)

3) Have you read the book "From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees" (Dr. C. Moorer) and wrote an essay (min. 1500 words) answering all (3) of the following prompts? (Upload completed essay, when prompted to do so.)





Questions need to be answered 


a. Which track(s): (On Track, Off Track, New Track, Fast Track, Tenure Track, or Backtrack) of the book,From Failure to Promise – "360 Degrees", presented or reiterated the most important life lessons for you and why? (Cite 3-5 key examples from the book)

b. The author reiterates the importance of (Faith, Education, Experience, and Effort) throughout the book,From Failure to Promise – "360 Degrees". Which factor(s) was/were most vital to his evolution in going from a "flunk-out" to a "professor" at the very same university and beyond? (Cite 3-5 key examples from the book)

c. How does the "Dr. C. Moorer's - 7 Spheres of Influence and Integration Model “ from the book, From Failure to Promise – “360 Degrees"  affect your world-view as related to civic responsibility and global citizenship? Explain.

Deadline: 07/31/2017 Based on last year's deadline
Amount: $10,000.00
How to apply:


Application is past due this year, please check it back for further information.