Blogging for Progress Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

Participants must be at least 16 years of age and enrolled in an accredited higher learning institution


Participants are required to register and maintain a blog about progressive issues (politics, current events, social justice issues, etc.) on the ProgressiveU website during the contest period. No applications.

Recipients are based on total accumulated points as of December 15 with points awarded for each blog entry and comment accepted for posting to the website and for each read of a participant's blog entries by members and visitors. Participants will have opportunities to earn bonus points towards the scholarship throughout the semester. First-place recipient will receive the maximum award amount for higher education expenses. Up to five runners-up will receive gift certificates to help offset the cost of textbooks.

Deadline: 04/15/2018 Deadline based on last year.
Amount: 1,500
How to apply:

For more information, please visit: