ASFA Second Chance Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

Must be currently enrolled in college or plan to enroll by Fall 2017.

Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

This award is for U.S. students.


Deadline: 08/30/2017
Amount: $1,000
How to apply:

In order to enter the contest, all applicants must read the 'Fire Sprinkler Essay' about automatic fire sprinklers located on the AFSA website. After reading the essay and filling out the online application form, the applicant must take a 10-question multiple choice test on the essay. The test is 'open book'; it is recommended that the student print out the essay so he/she can use it as a reference during the test.

Application is past due this year, please check their website for further information.

For more information, please visit: