Guistwhite Scholarships

Who Is Eligible:
• Applicant must be enrolled at community college through December 2017 in a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours (or 9 quarter credit hours).
• Applicant must be an active member of Phi Theta Kappa.
• Applicant must be on track to earn a bachelor's degree. Students need to have a minimum of 45 semester (or 60 quarter) college-level credits completed at or transferred to a community college by December 31, 2017, and 53 semester college-level credits (or 79.5 quarter credits) by August 31, 2018. (Courses must be college-level. Developmental or remedial coursework, such as pre-algebra or basic writing, will be removed when determining number of credits as well as cumulative GPA.)
• Applicant must have a minimum of 30 semester college-level credits (or 45 quarter credits) completed at a community college in the last five years (fall 2011 - present).
• Applicant must hold a minimum cumulative grade‐point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale in all college-level coursework completed in the last five years (fall 2011 - present), regardless of institution attended. If the student has attended more than one school, transcripts may be recalculated to determine the cumulative GPA for all college‐level coursework taken. GPA is evaluated at the point of application, and the student must maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA through the fall 2016 semester to remain eligible.
• The applicant should expect to transfer to a four-year institution in 2018. At the time of transfer to a regionally accredited four‐year institution, the student must be admitted with junior‐level status in his/her major program of study and be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours per semester. If selected as a scholar, proof of enrollment at a senior institution will be requested.
• The student must hold temporary or permanent residency in the country of the community college the student is attending or possess a visa considered appropriate by the college. Please see the student application for acceptable documents verifying proof of citizenship.
• Must have a community college record free of suspension, probation or other serious disciplinary action. Applicant must not have a criminal record, or if a convicted felon, must have all conditions of sentencing, including probation, completed.

Deadline: 12/01/2017 Based on last year's deadline
Amount: varies
How to apply:



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