Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards

Who Is Eligible:

The Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards run annually from January through July and honor young Latino leaders with grants for their college education.

Applications are open to graduating high school seniors who maintain an un-weighted 3.75 GPA.

Award categories include Business, Education Engineering and Mathematics, Journalism, Leadership and Sports.

The Awards are divided into twelve different regions across the country: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, New York, Philadelphia/New Jersey, and Washington, DC.


A graduating high school senior

    Planning to enroll in college in the fall

    A citizen or permanent resident of the US

    Of Hispanic/Latino descent (at least one parent)

    3.75 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)

    Willing to travel to the awards ceremony in your selected region

Amount: Up to $8,000
How to apply:

Please visit: http://www.hispanicheritage.org/youth_int.php?sec=193

and click on the Youth Awards link for application and/or additional information.