The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Who Is Eligible:

Cooper Union offers its full-tuition scholarship education to residents of the United States of America who qualify in the competition for admission, regardless of their race, religion, sex, color, age, national and ethnic origin or handicap.

Graduation from an approved secondary school course covering at least 16 units or the equivalent is required of all candidates.

Admission requirements and procedures are not the same for all curricula taught at Cooper Union.

You can read the complete course catalog here: The Cooper Union Records & Registrar Catalog


Dedicated exclusively to preparing students for the professions of architecture, art and engineering, Cooper Union has an enrollment of approximately 1,000 undergraduate students, all accepted on merit alone, and was the first college to forbid discrimination based on race, ethnicity or gender.

Cooper Union is also the place where Thomas Edison and Felix Frankfurter were students, where the Red Cross and NAACP were organized, where suffragist Susan B. Anthony had her offices and where researchers developed the prototype of the microchip.

Deadline: January 7 (Architecture); December 3 (Art); December 3 (Engineering)
How to apply:

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