Lifeboat Foundation A-Prize

Who Is Eligible:

The purpose of the A-PRIZE is to put development of artificial life forms in the open where it should be. Today, many efforts at developing artificial life are not well publicized. The A-PRIZE will serve as a clearing house for information about the race to "Break the Carbon Barrier" With mega-universities and companies racing to create nonbiological life, now is the time for such a clearing house.

It is awarded to the person or organization responsible for creating an Animat/Artificial life form with an emphasis on the safety of the researchers, public, and environment OR the person or organization who shows that an Animat/Artificial life form has been created. (The second case is to uncover unpublicized or unsafe projects.)


For nearly half a century, SETI efforts have Searched for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Instead of searching for alien life outside our planet, the Lifeboat Foundation has decided to take the opposite approach and to search for "alien" life on this planet. We call our efforts "Finding Artificial Life Created by Nanobiotechnology" (FALCN, which is pronounced like falcon).

Besides creating an animat, two additional items must be submitted to receive the prize: (1) a description of the measures taken by the researchers to ensure the safety of researchers, the public, and the environment during the course of the research; and (2) an analysis of the ethical, legal, and social implications of the research, along with an indication of what societal measures are needed to maximize the benefits and eliminate or minimize the possible harms flowing from the discovery.

Amount: $26,300.00 (current contributions/donations)
How to apply:

Please Visit: Lifeboat Foundation A-PRIZE
for complete program description and/or additional information.