The (Ayn Rand) Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

Who Is Eligible:

Entrant must be in the 12th grade or in college/university at the time of entry. Graduate students and part-time students are eligible.

Essays must be between 800 and 1,600 words.

Please see the website for the topic. Only one entry per person.

Amount: $10,000 1st Prize; $2,000 2nd Prize; $1,000 3rd Prize; $100 Finalists; $50 Semifinalists
How to apply:

The deadline for this year's contest has passed. Please check this website in August 2014 for updated contest details.

First Prize: $10,000

Second Prize: $2,000

Third Prize: $1,000

Finalists: $100; Semi-finalists:$50


For more information or to apply, please visit: