NYCHA - Scholarships for New York City Housing Authority

Who Is Eligible:

Be enrolled full-time in a degree program at CUNY majoring in film, broadcasting, dance, fashion, marketing/merchandising, journalism, music, photography, literature, or fine and performing arts, business, public administration, public affairs and drama

Be an authorized New York City Housing Authority resident

3.0 minimum GPA

Demonstrate financial need



Write a 500 word (typewritten, double spaced) essay about yourself and your educational aspirations. Attach the essay to the application and make sure to include your name, signature, and date.







Sign and date your application


Attach your essay, a copy of your transcript, and the NYCHA residency verification

letter from your management office


File a FAFSA


Deadline: 07/14/2017
Amount: $1,000
How to apply:

For more information, please visit:



Application is past due this year, please check it back for further information.