National Endowment for the Arts - Literature Fellowships: Creative Writing

Who Is Eligible:

Creative writers who meet the publication requirements (see website Applicant Eligibility link) are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

See "How to Prepare and Submit an Application" for the documentation that is required to demonstrate eligibility.

Ineligible applications will be rejected.


An individual may submit only one application per year.

You must apply in a specific literary form (i.e., fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry).

You must establish your eligibility in the form in which you apply.

No exceptions will be made to the eligibility requirements (see website for establishing eligibility guidelines).

Deadline: 03/07/2018
Amount: $25,000
How to apply:

Please visit: Click Here for application and/or additional information.

If you have questions:
Or Call: 202-682-5034