Math in Moscow Scholarship

Who Is Eligible:

U.S. undergraduate mathematics or computer science majors may apply for a special scholarship in the amount of U.S. $7,500 to cover some of the costs associated with attendance at a one-semester program "Math in Moscow" at the Independent University of Moscow.

Five of these scholarships are available per semester, with funding provided by the National Science Foundation and administered by the American Mathematical Society. Occasionally, a scholarship may be awarded to a graduate student.


Applicants must apply to BOTH the Math in Moscow program and to the Math in Moscow Scholarship program in order to be eligible for a scholarship.


Only five of those who are eventually admitted into the Math in Moscow program will be eligible to receive a scholarship. All applicants will be notified by mail after final decisions are made on the scholarships.

Amount: $9,000
How to apply:

Please visit: Math in Moscow Program
for the Math in Moscow Program, and ...
Math in Moscow Scholarship
for the Math in Moscow Scholarship

Deadlines for the Math in Moscow Program:

Fall: April 15 (Annually)

Spring: September 15 (Annually)