HAMSA - Dream Deferred Essay Contest

Who Is Eligible:

HAMSA's annual contest comes from a 1951 Langston Hughes poem: "What Happens to a Dream Deferred?" The poem helped propel the civil rights movement in the US. Today, it can inspire your dream deferred for the Middle East, which the UN calls the "world's least free region."

The contest has two parts: one for Middle Eastern youth and one for American youth.

Write a brief essay addressing one of the questions below (see website).

Entrants must be 25 years old or younger as of the contest deadline.

Entrants must reside in Arab League member states, Iran, Afghanistan, or the United States.


There is no minimum age requirement, and entrants do not need to be students.

Prizes are awarded as cash, not scholarships.

Foreign Students: If you are a foreigner currently studying in the US, you can enter the contest. If you are a Middle Easterner studying in the US, answer one of the questions posed to Middle Easterners. If you are a citizen of the Middle East temporarily living outside the region, you can still enter the contest. If you are an American currently living overseas, you can enter the contest.

Equal Opportunity: All essays are evaluated without regard for race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation of the author, as well as other classifications protected by applicable international US laws.

Deadline: 02/28/2018
Amount: $10,000 in prizes
How to apply:

For more information, please visit:http://hamsaweb.com/essay