AMS/Industry Minority Scholarships

Who Is Eligible:

The AMS/Industry Minority Scholarships will award funding to minority students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, especially Hispanic, Native American, and Black/African American students.


Students must include, with a completed application form, an official high school transcript showing grades from the past three years, a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or guidance counselor, and a copy of scores from an SAT or similar national college entrance exam.

All original materials should mail to the closest Local Chapter listed at the bottom of the application. Photo copies of the application, transcripts, and essay should mail to:
     AMS, Attn: Minority Scholarship,
     45 Beacon Street,
     Boston, MA 02108

Deadline: 02/02/2018
Amount: $3,000 per year (second year funding depends on successful completion of the first academic year)
How to apply:

Contact: Donna Fernandez, Development & Student Program Manager

Phone: (617) 227- 2426, ext.3907


or visit: Minority Scholarships