Pace University Center For Urban Education - Community and Volunteer Mobilization (CVM) Homeland Security

Who Is Eligible:

The Pace University Community and Volunteer Mobilization (CVM) AmeriCorps Program organizes, trains and prepares people for homeland security disasters and emergencies. CVM prepares communities to be able to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, and respond to acts of terrorism or other disasters that breach the security and safety of their citizens.


CVM focuses on education and training in public health and safety emergency preparedness, English Language Literacy Education, and technology and emergency communication systems awareness.

Deadline: See "How To Apply" for any applicable deadlines.
How to apply:

Contact: Community and Volunteer Mobilization (CVM) Homeland Security
Center for Urban Education
Ms. Jen Lian
41 Park Row, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-346-1877
Fax: 212-346-1078