Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corporation (NIDC)

Who Is Eligible:

NIDC’s twenty part-time AmeriCorps members provide tutoring after school and in a summer program, and also, environmental education and public safety/emergency preparedness education in the Allerton Avenue/Pelham Parkway community in the Bronx.


Members involve teens in a youth leadership development program and engage in environmental and community beautification projects within the NIDC Bronx River Project and tutor and improve literacy of students at NIDC After School and summer camp programs.

Deadline: See "How To Apply" for any applicable deadlines.
Amount: See "How To Apply" for additional information.
How to apply:

Contact: NIDC AmeriCorps Program
Ms. Christy Olsen
Program Director
2523 Olinville Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-231-9800 ext. 21
Fax: 718-231-9898